Friday, February 24, 2012

A new begining

This is my first post!  I set up a blog to keep in touch with friends and family while I head overseas this spring.  Hopefully I install a tad of jealousy as well :)  In about 3 weeks I'll be living in Zwijndrecht, Holland.  An amazing family - the Dolmans - have taken me in for 3 months.  They will be taking me to races, feeding me, and hopefully helping me when my bike falls apart, although Stevens bikes are known to be immortal.  I am pretty naive about racing in Europe, so I'm more nervous then excited.  Let's see if I get the hang of it!
- Sarah

p.s...this just happened...far east movement should thank J biebs! (only dec part of the song!)


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  2. Well...I'm not sure about feeding and driving you to races Sarah...but us Dolman's are your biggest fans here in Holland,and we will be rooting the loudest for you! hehehehe...See you soon! Doei!