Monday, March 12, 2012

All Packed up!

I think I'm ready!  Well packing wise...
A few Fridays ago I crashed in a Friday night track race and found out a few days later I had a concussion.  And of course, I didn't follow doctors orders and made it worse by trying to train again.  So although I havn't been on the bike in a while - and am flying out to the Netherlands demain - I am still pretty optimistic about feeling better and able to ride right when I get there.  Fingers crossed!
A better attitude will make it better!!!

Man - Papa Coney got me a PIKA PACKWORKS bike bag and its absolutely amazing! took me literally 10 minutes to pack my bike and everything else that wouldn't fit in my luggage :) saweeeeet!


  1. this is gonne be a nice page.
    remember their are 160 starters in your first race, so your concussion better be gone.
    And France is not that far away lol

  2. Hope you feel better by Saturday,first race and it supposed to be 19 degr.. Awesome bag! Have a safe trip! ttyl Doei!

  3. Hey! see you in 3 months. Hope the weather is nice in zwijndmwoeiurwit - love the Pika bag.

  4. Excited to hear about cycling and life in Holland. Hope you blog some news soon!!!!