Saturday, March 31, 2012

Club race at the Mol

Today we rode to the cycling club at the mol.  Jessica and I raced with the older men on a 1300m track. Its pretty cool - only used for bikes and with a small man made hill in the middle of it.  We both did pretty well too!  I am really trying on working on my sprints because here - everyone is good at it!

Haleigh as Dutch Champion

The club house is pretty cool.  Every cycling club has one too!  They serve beer, coffee tea, tosties and chocolate - whatever you like!  Its filled with trophies and champion jerseys (including Haleighs!).  I'm pretty sure there is a race there almost every day.  Canada really needs to get some of these!

champions jerseys - Haleighs is on the right! look how small!

coffee and tea after racing! yumm :)

Haleigh, Jessica and Me

Tomorrow I race in Oploo.  I am meeting Harrie from the moving ladies team about 30km away to get a ride to the race.  Hopefully this time I don't get lost!

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