Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Race

Yesterday I had my first race in the Netherlands.  There were only three races all for women.  I raced with the elites without contracts, and there were about 160 of us.  I had to line up half an hour early to get a spot near the front!  I was told they would announce everything in English if they knew someone who spoke English was racing.  Of course that didn't happen, so I failed to hear the "remove your helmets for a one minute of silence" and got punched in the arm by a girl because I was completely oblivious.  It has also been a while since I have raced so I kept getting pushed around and sworn at because I forgot a bit how it works.  We had 5 loops of 17km and I bet we averaged 50 or more.

It's definitely a lot different racing over here then back home...i never saw the front, never climbed a hill...and spent most of the last 3 km on my breaks!  Although I was still sworn at in French! (and German and dutch haha)  I finished 53 and there were only 70 left of the group when we finished.  I was pretty happy with it, but next race I am going to try harder to be in it...rather then just watching it happen from the back. 

Anita gave me a great oil massage before the race too!  Made me feel very euro; and we had traditional Holland food for dinner to finish off a great day :) 
I am itching to race again and fix some of my mistakes! And start using the F-word ;)


  1. hahaha like the report. Do they use the same f word in holland as we do??? Like the pix - now THAT is Holland :)

  2. The kids used the F-bomb many times during races because they could use it without a Dutch accent...LOL! They knew not to say it whenever they passed by us because there'd be H-E-double-hockey sticks to pay when they got home. lol
    When's your next race Sarah?