Friday, March 30, 2012

Keep your turnover in your pockets!

Funny story of the week!
The other day I had an easy ride and decided to go to Strijen - a small town just outside Zwijndrecht - and go to the bakery.  I was pretty pumped; bakery visits have come few and far between so far this trip...which I guess is a good thing!
So moving along, after finding out nothing is open from 12 till 1:30, I came back to the bakker and picked out and ammmmmazing looking apple turnover.  Normally I would never get this back home, but something about this turnover called to me...and I'm drooling again.
Any ways, got on my bike, bag to turnover in hand, and decided to take it to somewhere nice along the river to eat it.  I took the cobble streets through the town, and about 15 minutes later found the perfect spot.  As I was getting off my bike I realized my turnover bag felt pretty light! Oh no! WHERE IS MY APPLY-GOODNESS!?

There was a hole in the bottom of the bag! The cobbles must have rattled it out!
I immediately get back on my bike and start searching fo rthe turnover!  I rode about 10 minutes and found it sadly laying on the side of the road next to chicken and goat farm...thank gosh none of those little rascals got to it before I did.  I rescued the little goody, brushed it off, and enjoyed every last piece.

If I have food poisoning or died in a couple of days, the turnover may be to blame. 

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