Monday, April 9, 2012

Breda and Waddinxveen

This long weekend I was lucky enough to race Sunday and Monday.  Sunday the girls and I raced a localish race in Breda with the women and 50 plus men.  Don't let their age fool you, that was probably one of the fastest races I can remember.  There ended up being one other girl in the final bunch with me, and coming through the last lap I again botched it up and rolled in behind her.  It was a really good race though and I'm determined to be first girl there so I can get flowers for Jenny! 

Breda - sunny! but cold :( - wind burn is my only source of tanning these day!

Today it was a field of about 100 in a criterium in Waddinxveen. It was rainy, cold, and very very dirty - not looking forward to cleaning the Stevens. I was really hoping to make the split because I have been finding out how awful my bunch sprint is, but alas I missed it by being at the back.
The start at Waddinxveen - 60km crit

My cheering section! Bill, Jessica and Haleigh :)

Thank you Anita for being my personal photographer :)

So I slapped myself on the cheek (the face one and figuratively haha) and got myself to the front and stayed there the rest of the race.  It was a little frustrating because no teams wanted to work because they all had someone up the road ( a group of 8?), so only a few of us did any work.  I threw a bunch of F bombs that did the trick, and managed to get 6th in the bunch sprint, along with 2 primes that I honestly had no clue I got.  Bill explained how the primes work to me before the race - but when it came down to it, i mixed "twee" (2) up with "three" in my head, and I think there is something about 2 consecutive laps that count for a prime...I still don't even know!

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the girl behind me is a really good  sprinter

the finish!

Any who I finished 14th and came home with 21 Euros.  I'm movin' up in the world and starting to get the hang of racing over here, and I am also starting to really like it.
This is a good choice if you want something stuck in your head during the race :) Ahhhh Kylie :)

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