Friday, April 6, 2012

Cookies before a race :)

Yesterday Jay and Yuki picked me up to go racing in Dottignes on the Belgium and French border.  Finally I was able to communicate with the race officials and local bakers - I knew French would come in handy! haha.  Before the race Jay and I found a baker in the small market set up outside the bike club hall (in the church tower) who gave us quite a few samples before Jay ended up buying a box full - for only an euro! 
The race was 100km or so and 12 laps with about 80 starters.  My goal was to be at the front of the race, because lately I hide in the middle of the bunch.  And I did it! I spent most of the race in the top 10 which was a really good feeling.  It also allowed me to get in a few short breaks, help pull back the main break and do a couple attacks.  Nothing I was in sticked, but I was just happy to be in the race, and not just pack fill.

Racing through the farm land in Dottignes
  Coming into the sprint I was sitting 5th.  It was a long uphill drag to the finish, where the road goes from a meter wide to a pot-holey 4 lane road. I figured I would just get on someone wheel and hope for the best.  However, as soon as the road opened up it was complete mayhem.  And before my brain woke up I had missed everything and sprinted in for 25th spot. (the results say 26th but after the race they went through the finish photos and got me to sign and pick up the money for I'll stick with that :)).

I wasn't quick enough to take the picture!!

hahahaha...although now I think I want some!

Prize money!

On the drive home Jay, Yuki and I stopped at an Ikea-esk truck stop and got dinner which was actually pretty good!!  I am so appreciative of Yuki for driving, Jay for her entertaining eating habits - rice pudding with pineapple because you don't have to chew haha - and for Harry for lending us the car :)
Next race is a local race in Breda with the girls and some men on Sunday, and Monday I have my first race with my new team!

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