Monday, April 2, 2012


Today I got to hang out with a girl who speaks ENGLISH!!!! Well Scottish but I'll still count it hahaha.  I rode to meet Harrie who picked me up to drive me to Wielerronde Van Oploo.  And he brought with him Jay from Scotland and Yuki from Japan! She is here until November - I am so impressed!

Junior mens race

Jay me and Yuki!

start/ finish straight

The race was supposed to be 100 minutes on a 3km course with 100 starters.  There were prime laps and money for the first person across the line every lap.  I must admit I didn't really participate in the primes, so that's definitely a goal for next time. 
About half way through the race was stooped because of a horrific crash and they had to bring an ambulance on course to scoop up the fallen rider.  We had to stand at the start for a good 15 minutes and then we were given 5 laps to finish the race.  I rode more in the dirt and grass on the last lap then the road but managed to elbow my way up to make 16 Euros for 26th spot.

ballin'! haha

Thursday the girls are picking me up and we are taking a road trip to Dottignes Belgium to do a race.  I am pretty excited about a small adventure :)
Tonight is another race at the Mol in Dordrecht! 

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  1. You can buy me a cappuccino when you get back to Ottawa- wont be the same, but I'll look forward to it :)