Monday, April 2, 2012


Back home I am a pretty big foodie.  I love baking and making supper for my dad and I.  I love trying new food and sometimes even spitting it out haha.  So coming over to the Netherlands I was excited to eat the way the people over here do.  It's not so new to me because my mom always cooked authentic German food for us, however a few things are still a little surprising.

the makings of energieballs!

energiiiiiiiiiie...they fall apart pretty bad in my back pocket mind you:(

 Sprinkles for example. Sprinkles on sandwiches. Licorice out the nose! Now I know why JehLeh is hooked - although I still cant stand it. Frikandellens - fried meaty goodness that looks like its already been digested a couple times:) Yoghourt in cartons - its a lot more sour then our yoghourt but I'd say better!  Oatmeal also comes in cartons too.  And  me being a big fan of oatmeal thought it would be a great pre-race-bring-along....until I opened it up and found slop...more of a slop then normal oatmeal.  I tried to improve it by adding peanut butter - as peanut butter normally makes everything taste better - but it honestly only made me dump it in the garbage quicker.  Might actually be OK for baking with now that I think about it!

see what i mean...

Jenny makes unbelievable dinners though, so I know I can always look forward to those.  And we always visit with the rest of the Dolams for dinner and coffee so that automatically makes meals nicer :)
The girls had this song - Umbrella by the Baseballs - on in the car the other day and I really liked it! They sing covers of pop songs but somehow they are happier and more fun :)

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