Monday, April 23, 2012

Omloop van Borsele

I know I havn't posted in a while but I may have taken a short break visiting my family over in England last weekend - so no racing for me!  It was really relaxing and fun...but now back to racing!
Saturday I raced a UCI race - Omloop van Borsele in Holland.  It was my first race with my new club team Boretti Ulysses and my team mate from Canada- Rachel Canning- also joined us!  I was really happy to see the Canadian team and some old friends and to have really good support from Frits and everyone from Boretti.
on the dykes

the sunny dry start

There were about 200 starters including many world champions - ex Giorgia Bronzini - all the top teams - Specialized, AA drink etc - and top track racers including Dani King (GB team pursuiter) who was racing on the same team as me!  The race was 5 laps of 24km, so about 120km in total.
Of course the first corner there was a crash right at the front, but I managed to get around all the early crashes no problem and was pretty pumped with how I started.  But somehow I started to get bogged down and followed a wrong wheel out of the last dyke and before I knew it I was out the back and on my own watching the group get further and further away from me!  The follow cars started to pass me, but I was so tired from trying to get back on I could hardly make it to the back of a car and ended up latching on behind Team Canada's follow car - they were in 4th spot.  I tried to move up but it was so windy that when I went to sprint past the car to the next I was barely going any faster then the car.  Finally I managed to hook onto the back of the group - but knowing my luck, as soon as I did they all sprinted away and I was so dead from getting to them in the first place I got popped...again...I scrambled to get onto the commisaires car, but ended up cursing, freewheeling and giving up.  UNTIL the Canadian car passed me.  The womens coach yelled at me a few times and I sucked it up and by the middle of the second lap I made it back to the pack, exhausted...but back.  And thats where I the back, for the whole race.  I think I was just tired and angry (it hailed and rained the rest of the race), but was among good company.  I spent most of the race staring at Bronzinis butt and admiring Claras red braid haha.

oh hey hey

best I get is in the background haha

For the finish I decided to follow Bronzini to the front, but with about 2km to go I realized she was just there for a chill day out - and definitely not sprinting!  So I haggled my way past as many people in the last 500m and managed to grab 42nd place.  I was pretty happy with it, considering I thought my race was over in the first lap.  And I was definitely super inspired seeing some idols riding next to me.
results can be found here!
Tomorrow - smaller criterium in Zaandam!

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