Sunday, April 29, 2012

Omloop Van Schermer

So let me just begin this post by saying that at the end of the race they gave out bottles of perfume to all of us! hahaha...I snagged two - I think they were giving us a hint hahha.
Any who - there were 170ish starters I think today, and I ended up 27th.  I really wanted to make the break but alas - wasn't in the right spot at the right time.  I did however sprint for 2nd place in main peleton so I was really happy with that.


on the dykes

Schermer was OMG insanely windy.  I guess thats why it is covered in Windmills hahaha.  Let me just say that the first hour of the race was spent listening to everyone yelling, screaming and cursing - getting pushed and slapped on the butt, riding in the mud and dirt and avoiding hitting the pavement.  I must have been in the middle of three crashes and I herd at least a handful more happen.  One of my teammates ended up in the hospital - so I hope shes ok!  Luckily I never went down :) But while I was catching up from a crash the break went...and alas my race was pretty much over. 

It was really hard and windy - but the 107km went by pretty fast - party because they kept changing the loops on us! I was so confused as to how long we had to go! I was just going by the time on my clock.  They had given us 3 hours to finish the race, so by hour two I knew it would be over soon.  Then we started passing the finish line and they had put up 2 laps to go.  I figured we must have done a smaller loop this time so I timed how long the second last loop of the race took so I would know where I would have to go to the front on the last lap.  It worked!  I was in perfect positioning going through the last corner.  The finish line was about a km or two from there, but I managed to hold my spot near the front and snag second place out of our group of about 50 or so.  I'm pretty happy with it seeing as my sprint have been anything but great so far. 
Next time, the break has my name on it!  Results here...not many finished hey!

Tomorrow is Queens day! So I will be spending the day dancing dressed in orange and watching fireworks :)  And Tuesday we all race in Belgium which will be really fun :)  And we ride straight through Brugge! Pumped!!!

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  1. You have a little Canadian flag by your name in the results! Love it!!!!! Wooooohooo!