Monday, April 23, 2012

Volendam, Zaandam and AMSTERDAM!

Yesterday was a verrrrrrrrry busy day - but also one of the best I have spent here!
I was pretty tired from the race the day before, but Rachel, Michelle, Jenny, Bill and I all packed up and spent the morning in Volendam.  Rach and I got dressed up in authentic clothing and had amazing cappuccinos on the water :) Very cute touristy town!

Then we drove over to the race of the day.  We had a 60 lap criterium in Zaandam.  It wasn't a very big race - about 70 riders, but I was getting a bit nervous because my legs were pretty dead from the day before.  Never the less - the sun came out and I got a Prime, a couple points in the 3 lap points competition and finished in 10th overall.  I still need to work on my finish because the last few laps I had trouble keeping my place when the pace slowed.  But it's always good to know what to work on!  When I went to go pick up my prizes I thought I had won 20 euros, with the number 10 written on both my envelopes.  Maybe it was because I was tired, but the number 10 was my race number, and I actually won over 60euros!  Amsterdam here I come!

So we got on a bus and a train and made out way to Amsterdam.  I actually loooooved it there.  Its a REALLY busy city - full of tourists of course, but soo nice none the less! There was a big fair in the middle of the city, haunted houses and madame tsusaudes!  After dinner on the main street we went to the red light district and oogled at the hookers in the windows and had some laughs in the sex shops.  I also went into a coffee shop - which is actually a place where you smoke weed - but don't worry...I only had a couple joints haha jk.

opening up the lungs!


I can't wait to go back there with the girls in a couple weeks.  Sex museum and rides are on the list!  And depending on the money situation I may have to rent out a window or two hahaha.


  1. LOL..Sarah..a couple of weeks? us Dutch say.* laat me niet lachen * !!!!!you had to much fun!!

  2. Yaaaaay! Like the cheeeeese!!! Lol heheheh