Monday, May 21, 2012

Gooik Geresbergen Gooik

Today was pretty hard - but I must say, one of the most fun days I've had at a bike race yet!  I was racing with Moving Ladies, and a couple girls who were also guest riding were from the Dolmans cycling team.  This was a bonus for me because a)I got to hang out with some top notch racers b) I got to hang out in their BUS and c) I got to get a proper leg oil up before the race from their soigneur...pretty cool!

got to hang out in there pre race :)

In terms of the race - lets just say I would have done really well if it had finished a km from the infamous Muur climb.  Unfortunately for me - it didn't.  I knew the climb would be coming up around the 45 minute mark (30km in), so with great anticipation, I was expecting it around every corner.  Every time we started to climb I would think "Ah ha! here it comes!" but then we would make a 90 degree turn back down again.  And so this went on a few times until the peleton stopped.  As I unclipped to avoid a crash, I looked up around the corner and towering building and then - I knew we had reached the climb.  By the time I got back to the group infront of me, girls started falling and sliding all over the cobbles.  Girls were running with their bikes and hopping over those who had fallen and well, couldn't get up haha.  A spectator was nice enough to push me a little bit so I could avoid being fallen into by a girl riding next to me; pretty chaotic.  I did feel a little like a Pro though - getting cheered on all the way up!  By the time a group of us got together however, the Bosberg began; another long steep cobbled climb.  I was definitely unprepared for the race - knowing the course would definitely give a leg up.

sign in with the team

 However, my thoughts are that my ride was just in preparation for my podium at this race next year hahaha.  A Pre-ride if you will :)
I was well taken care of after the race too.  The Dolmans crew gave us veggies and fruit and made us coffee.  And all the girls from Moving Ladies and Dolmans were so fun, relaxed and really cool to be around.  And with the start being at Marianna Vos' supporters club, it was all in all a very inspirational day.  It really proves the point that riding your bike is only one part of bike racing; but it's the people and friends and supporters that really make it worth while.

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