Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last weekend...This week...

So Last weekend wasn't a very pretty one.  I was lucky enough to have the chance to race with Moving Ladies in the Lotto Cup, unfortunately I wasn't luck enough to get a result.  The race started out so fast and once we hit the dykes it was strung out for the next 20km.  The wind here is definitely the main obstacle.  Before I knew it I was panicking trying to get on someones wheel but some wrong decisions but me in the red and I was stuck in a group a little too far back.  There was a good long section of cobbles, which was insanely tough but pretty cool non the less.  We also road through Brugge, but of course I can't remember a thing.  It was rainy and gusty the whole day, and my group and I were only able to do 4 of the 8 little rounds at the end before they made us sprint for a finish.  I was pretty upset that I wasn't able to hold on a little longer with the first group, but I guess this is what bike racing is. 

Dani King (track world champ) and I - both riding on Moving Ladies in Bredene Lotto Cup

cobbbbbbbbbbbbbbles in Bredene

Sunday was a smaller race, although very well attended, in Sinaai Belgium.  The course was so fun and really technical.  We had a curb to hop,  a cobbles section and a long paving section, really small roads with big mud ditches and lots of turns and curves.  I was racing really well - always at teh front, helping chase down the break and was in and made some attacks.  I was feeling really strong, however kept having problems getting pushed in the gutter especially along the finishing straight.  And unfortunately, thats what happened in the sprint.  I pretty much gave up once I lost my cool in the lead up to the finish, which is definitely not the right thing to do.  I finished really upset and depressed that I knew I could have placed well - and didn't because of something so small.

Racing in Sinnai

Me and Kim De Baat avoiding the cobbles

I wasn't able to feel sorry for myself for too long though.  On Monday I was asked to do the next lotto cup with Moving Ladies again.  That bit of good news really cheered me up, and got me excited for the next week of training.  I also had a good training race at the Mol with the men and Juniors on Tuesday in the pouring rain.  And Yesterday was the icing on the cake.  A friend who I work with back in Vancouver was touring with his choir in Amsterdam Wednsday!  So me, Rachel and an old friend and great bike racer Keir Plaice and his girl friend Suzanna went to go see Peter sing.  It was in an old Chapel in a garden courtyard in the middle of Amsterdam.  It was so beautiful and the choir was A-MAZING!  They sand old Canadian songs and some older hymns as well.  Very cool!

Keir and Suzanna - while we have our amazing soup by a canal in Amsterdam

We are Amsterdam! - I'm in the 'M' haha

I have a couple smaller crits this weekend in Holland, one on Tuesday and then next Thursday is the Lotto cup in Belgium along some of the tour of Flanders roads, cobbles and climbs.
Hopefully I gain some confidence this weekend!! And it's also another shot at some flowers!
Also - found this video of a race I did in Dottignies Belgium...Kinda cool!

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