Friday, May 4, 2012

Racing through Brugge!

Tomorrow I am racing in a Lotto Cup - Knokke-Bredene!  There are 236 starters and I am riding with Moving Ladies like I did in Gent Wevelgem.  I am really excited and really nervous because it`s going to be really painful haha.  Its all long the coast in Belgium, completely flat but completely windy. Oh..and we ride through Brugge!  I wish I could stop and take a picture but I bet you I wont even know when we ride through it :(
Here is a link to the race.

red light district...i wonder how many drunk people fall in the canals haha

rikity houses

Yesterday I had a `fun` day and went to Amsterdam with Kim, Stephen and their two friends.  We went to the sex museum - which turned out to be much more silly then sexy, the shopping streets and of course the red light district.  Amsterdam had just won the soccer match so there were lost of hooligans and lots of hookers out to entertain them haha. Oh! And I even had Starbucks!  Back home I try and stay away from Starbucks because its expensive, too corporate and honestly doesn`t taste the best to me - but over here...when coffee to go in copious quantities is near impossible to come by... - I WAS IN HEAVEN!
it`s bicycle repair man!

the dam!

Our Father!

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