Monday, May 21, 2012

To the beach, to Friesland, and to get lost!

Finally the weather has turned for the better so the Dolams took us all to Scheveningen for the day.  Its a HUGE beach with a HUGE pier (where we were going to go bunggie jumping but decided vertigo was all too powerful).  The sand is lined with fancy restaurants where you can lay on a bed to drink your cocktail, or like us, get a lekker cappuccino and cake :)  I tried the very dutch raw herring (actually really nice!), and we had a photo shoot with some really cool art work that was scattered all over the board walk.  I can always count on the Dolmans to show me some really nice spots of Holland that I would never have otherwise had the opportunity to get to!
hellllllllo sun and cappuccino!
Michelle and I putting the locals in their place!

The next day I raced North in Friesland -300km away- with Boretti.  It was such a beautiful course in the country side and the first hot race I have done since I've been here.  This made for some unforscene challenges however.  For example- in a normal 120km race in Holland 2 bottles is enough for me to get by with - but Saturday was so hot and 130km on 2 small bottles left me sick to my stomach with thirst with 30km to go.  Our team was even second car - but I havn't fed from a car in a couple years so I had completely forgotten about going back and getting bottles.  I guess I learned my lesson!
Frits -team manager - had great fashion sense ;)

 I had a really good race however, and have definitely hurdled my tired legs fiasco from earlier on in the week.  There were many cobbled sections, lots of corners and round-abouts and I managed to stay at the front and try to get away a couple times.  There were a few big teams there however - Dolmans and Skil, so it made it quite difficult to go with every attack and break that they made.  I had very bad luck in the finish, and did not get myself in the right spot at all.  It's pretty heartbreaking that after 125km of really good racing gets put on the back burner for 5km of bad positioning, bad luck and bad decisions.  The good news is I am still learning a lot and every race trying to make better decisions. I also had an awesome time with the girls from Boretti.  They are so much fun to be around and really made my day so much nicer.  Harrie even took Yuki and I out for pancakes after the race - proper Dutch style with meat and cheese and of!!!

in Friesland

me, Sara (my new Swedish friend!) and Marjetka (my new Slovenian friend!) after Friesland

Speaking of better decisions - it is in my best interest to take the tom tom with me the next time I ride to a race.  Yesterday I decided to ride to the race in Breda, with it only being 36km away.  I however got so lost that I not only missed the start, I still never found it after an hour of thinking "I must be around the next corner!".  A very frustrating day for me, but I like to think of it as an omen, and that maybe I was not meant to be at the race...whatever makes me feel better about having awful navigation right? haha.
And for today - more Cappucino!!!...and maybe get my ears lowered a bit seeing as they are getting a bit too high haha ;)

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