Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So, tomorrow is another day!  And it better be better then yesterday! haha.  This past weekend was the beginning of me feeling a bit tired.  I didn't have a great race Saturday, and knew I could have done much better.  Sunday's race went according to plan, and I finished 16th in a pretty strong field made up of Skil Shimano, Rabobank, Ibis, Dolmans and a few other big teams. I didn't, however, feel on top of my form.  I'm losing my pre-race jitters and when girls get out of the saddle to accelerate I think "oh please sit down!" haha. 
On Tuesday I had a crit which was on the coast.  It was really cool to be riding next to sand dunes and sea side cafes, however I was dropped like a sack of hammers.  I was completely in shock because I was expecting to do pretty decently, but I guess my time had come, and my dues were up! 
I was freaking out a bit because I had been asked to do a REALLY big and REALLY hard race on Thursday.  I had been looking forward to this race for a while and had really wanted to be on form for it.  I'm trying to summon 'Positive Patricia' and hope that Tomorrow actually is 'another day', and hope that my day off the bike bike to rest my mind and my 'non excitable legs' will do a world of good.  The great thing is that no matter how I feel tomorrow, I'll be getting a lesson in cycling history and riding three famous climbs that people talk and praise of all over the world.  I studied some youtube vids to get an idea of what the climbs are like - so here's one for you!  I have been picturing myself as Tomeke - I feel like winning like Fabian tomorrow is a little out of my league...second seems much more realistic hahaha.
Hopefully I will be in better spirits tomorrow to write a lil post about how it went! And hopefully I'll get some pictures - the Belgians are much more proficient about making them available on the internet :)

Here is the race info if you are on your lunch break looking for something to read - click 'contests' and its Gooik - Gerrardsbergen - Gooik.

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  1. Good Luck Sarah!!!! Make them 'share the road' !! :)