Wednesday, May 2, 2012

6th at Boortmeerbeek

Yesterday I raced in Belgium in Boortmeerbeek.  It was 88km on a 5 km loop.  91 starters and about 75 or so finishers.  It was pouring in Holland right before we left to go to the race - but thankfully the sun came out and I think I got a tan:)
The race went pretty well - although I definitely had a 'blonde' moment...  Coming into the finishing straight I managed to get myself to the front and sprinted for 3rd place in the bunch!  I was so excited because Jenny said I HAD to come home with flowers for her today...and I swear I saw them flash before my eyes when I was sprinting.  I came around and saw Haleigh and Jenny after the finish and was so excited and happy and told them I was 2nd or 3rd.  Then they say - "oh so you were 5th or 6th!?" My jaw dropped and I realized the group never caught the three girls who had broken away at the beginning.  BALLS!  I was so mad! I definitely thought I'd get to go on the podium - but that will just have to wait I guess!

uuugh...i'm trying hard hahaha

Another down point is that the Belgium cycling association is 'sending' the money prizes to our bank accounts....however they don't know my account number hahaha. I tried to ask them if I could confirm my address or bank number with someone from the association but they just kept saying "NO! we know where you are!".  I'm pretty certain they don' my mission this week is to figure out how I get my winnings.
It was also Bills birthday today so we came home to an awesome family party - where they also celebrated my Dad's birthday too :) A really nice end to a really nice day!
Results HERE

Marching band in Dordrecht on Queens day

Kim and I in the Market on Queens day

Also!! April 30th was Queens day here!! Everybody dresses in orange and parties and dances and drinks all day!  I didn't manage to make it t'ill the fireworks but I had an awesome time with Haleigh, Michelle, Kim, Denise, Andrew, Neils and everyone else :)  They definitely know how to party and have a good time in the Netherlands!
new ride?

Dancing in Zwijndrecht

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