Monday, May 28, 2012

"Whey Say"!?

This is how the Dutch call WC's, washrooms, toilets, bathrooms - you get the drift.  You hear it a lot at bike races - understandably - but I really need to share some of my moments with the Dutch/ Belgian toilet experience.
In Belgium for instance- most toilets are unisex!  In Ally McBeal they made this scenario seem cool and hip, however when I am aching to go to the bathroom 10 minutes before my race, the last thing I want to do is watch an old drunk man peeing while I wait for a stall (the drunk comes in because most races start at a local pub or cafe). 
Another encounter I had with funny toilets is when I hit my head on the door frame because it was so short! You had to duck in order to get into the stall!  It was partly my fault because it turns out the "chick" on the door meant it was a childrens stall...oops! 

should have known

And now for the most embarrassing - after races there are normally showers available for us to use, and when it's really hot this is a very tempting idea.  I'm sure most guys are completely comfortable with this and maybe I am too prude but the idea of stripping down naked next to my cycling idols seems a bit daunting.  After the race on Friday however, some of my team mates asked if I was going to go shower with them...I hesitantly said ok.  I thought it would be a good idea to try and embrace all aspects of Euro racing.  When we entered the shower room I was bombarded by girls laughing and chatting while showering in this one big room with about 10 shower heads.  Rachel, my Canadian team mate, turned right around and walked out as soon as she saw this hahaha.  Another of my teammates turns to me and says "this is the most fun part! I love hanging out in the showers after a race"...where in my mind I was thinking "I am so uncomfortable, there is no way this is going to be fun"... I went along with it, and turns out Joanna's shampoo made my hair really soft so I can't really complain. 


  1. least you didn't have to pay to pee or shower !!

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  3. This is soooo funny!!!!!!!!