Saturday, June 16, 2012

Home Sweet Ottawa

Since I packed my bags and traveled across the Channel from the Hook of Holland to Harwich, England, I have had a full on mini summer vacation.  It's not so easy to see my British family and go sight seeing overseas when I am barely able to juggle work and cycling over in Canada - so in someways getting a concussion was a (very small!) blessing in disguise:)  However it did take me a few days of bed rest - only getting up for the three most important parts of the day; Breakfast Lunch and Dinner - until I was really able to take full advantage of shopping in Nottingham, Museums in London and the Battlefield at Bosworth. 

I found my friend Claire working at the British Museum in London!
It is quite funny though, going from cycling and training being my main daily activity, to trying to stay as still as possible.  I really tried to stay as healthy as I could, but turns out that the more time you spend on a couch, the more appealing eating a kilo of chocolate is haha. At least it was good quality chocolate!
I have finally returned back to Canada - Strong and Free!  I am staying in Ottawa with my mom for the next couple weeks because a) I know she will baby me and bake for me and b) I was supposed to be racing the National Championships in Lac Megantic.  I was so excited for Nationals and was even hoping to leave some of my criterium skills on the Quebec pot holes and come away with some shiny metal.  But after I realized I had hit my head pretty hard, those dreams have been postponed until BC Superweek.  I am also missing the amazing Preston Street Criterium which runs along a road I used to live on. I had won this race a couple years ago and was really hoping to do it again - but alas...shit happens! 

Racing for Stevens at Preston street in 2010 - nostalgia!

The good news is today I rode my bike for the first time in 2 weeks today!  And seeing as my head seems to be handling the shock of riding the rollers really well, I will try for a ride up to the Gatineaus tomorrow :)  I am so desperate to work on my tan lines!
As for now I am just trying to get cycling again and am CROSSING MY FINGERS that I will be 100% for the couple weeks of racing in BC in July.  I am also planning on overdosing on Tim Hortons and the Bulk Barn while in in ONTerrible - two staples in my life that had been stripped from me while living abroad :)
More racing posts are expected for the near future! I promise!!

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