Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reasons why I am a twentieth century Hippie

After writing that statement (blog post title) I have just thought of a few reasons that would 100% contradict my proclamation...but for news-worthy sake I digress...

This past weekend me and my TRT girls went to Ottawa for a pretty big UCI race.  Don't get me wrong - I love racing - but I was just a tad more excited to see my cat Fuzzy and have some of my moms baking (chocolate ginger cake which I ate at 6 am on the flight home hahaha).  

I love travelling with the team because although we are serious about racing, we somehow manage to be the silliest team on the block (* insert upper cut arm swing).  We ate cake for my moms b-day, Jenny made the other girls cook food that they had to google to find out how,  went to the bulk barn multiple times in one day, cut each others hair in the bathtub, and demanded coffee shops open when WE want them to be open.  In short - much better then being on ones own :)

Kristine, me, Mom, Jenny and Allison at the Team Presentation

In terms of the race, it was hot, confusing and aggressive.  But those are crucial parts of a great bike race :)  Jenny, Kristine, Allison and I rode near the front the whole day and finished in the bunch (next time we will pull out a podium).  Allison had the misfortune of getting a flat with a few laps to go, and later found out some heat stroke as well.    It was hard, but super rewarding to finish in a town where I know so many people and have so much support - I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I also cannot end without thanking our AMAZING race support from Gregoire, Kevin Field, our lady mechanic (zomg i completely forget her name but I was so pumped to have her) and my mom :).

Kristine, me, Allison and Jenny

Wow - after all that I still havn't indulged you in why I am a Hippie!  I hate showering (everyone knows it), I hate deoderant (I hope no body knows it),  I let my phone run out of battery all the time and wont charge it for days, I hate answering e-mails or anything on the internet (I know...Im writing a blog...give me a few days to find a come back for that ahaha), I don't like washing my clothes and always have stains.....and I love the outdoors.  Ok ok...I know most of those just mean that I am messy...but a girl in her 20's needs to start to discover herself some how right- and this is my first attempt:)
first time using the BBQ in Kits!  

Next stop - Victoria Bike Fest and potential job hunt because Temping is proving to be unreliable...who knew! :)

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