Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We look better from Behind :)

After a long summer of racing with my hometown-super supportive - amazing team Trek Red Truck Racing, I am now in Belgium racing with the Canadian National team.  I've been here all of two days and so far so fun :)  First off - all the girls are insanely nice and incredibly funny.  Vero Fortin is especially good at turning every comment into a sexual innuendo - hence the title of this blog.  It is in reference to the new Team Canada kit and our response to pushy Dutch/Belgian girls...there is also a maple leaf where one would also find a tramp stamp...if you know what I mean.  Secondly - the staff are extremely professional and easy going.  Not only do we have a manager, but a soigneur and a mechanic!!  Normally those three positions embody just one person.  Michel - the soigneur, is French, so I get to practice all my French immersion on him. 

Annie and I mowing down on a tiny Twix Bar courtesy of Aneeka

We are staying in the Canada house, which is rented out each year for months at a time by the National Cycling team.  For me, it's claim to fame is that I am staying in the same room that THE Chris Froome stayed in while training in Belgium.  Pretty neat huh! 

this is tom boonens favorite pasta :)

So far it's been pretty uneventful as racing hasn't started, but our days seem to be filled with going to the grocery store on falling apart Czechoslovakian farm bikes, and doing Team Time Trial Training for our upcoming race.   My strength has not been in Time Trials this year - so I am relying on my Team Pursuit practice from a few years ago - piece of cake hahaha.

On a backwards note - before coming here TRT had their yearly farewell BBQ in Whistler.  The ride was pretty tough for me, but the eating of delicious BBQ-ness was pretty easy - so it all worked itself out :)  My highlight on that mini adventure was meeting Rob Feenie - Iron Chef winner...I may be an addict of the Food Network. One of the perks of being on TRT is meeting cool people, most with a great sense of humour.
went downhilling with Helena before Europe!

The HUGE bike festival - Crankworks - was going on in Whistler while we were there.  SO we spent the rest of the day slope-side watching the competition and witnessing the final rider break both femurs. Bike jumping looked tempting to try before we saw that...

Any who - must get over this jet lag and work on my beauty ... sleep!

Fun in Whistler Village :)

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