Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kermess in Merksem

we rode to a castle near where we are staying - cafe was closed - no cappuccinos :(
My boyfriend and I have a 9pm Skype date every night.  At the beginning of this trip - I would be chatty Kathy, telling him about all the new and cool stuff I had been experiencing.  And now - our Skype sessions have been more along the lines of "Yeaaaaah...we went for a ride and then went grocery shopping...Yeah thats about it" hahaha.  I must say it somehow takes a whole day to do a 3 hour ride, get groceries for dinner and update my has been pretty stressful haha.
We all cooperated with no funny business.
Each day does come with its Highs - yesterday we did a team photo shoot and seeing as we are not all that serious off the bike - we came up with some pretty funny poses. 
Who has the best face??  It's a close call hahaha.
This picture is a foreshadow of what was to come - Matteo won his race the next day!!
Today the boys and the girls had races - in different towns.  So we (les filles) went north near Antwerp to Merksem and did a Kermess.  It was flat and windy and we managed to do 80km in 2 hours - not bad not bad haha.  We all wore our home team kits (TRT represent!) - but still raced as a unit, which worked really well.  Our cohesiveness off the bike really transfers to a great team effort on the bike :)  Anika and Annie were both in long break a-ways, and Shoni and I managed the sh*t out of attacks.  Its pretty cool being 2nd wheel while the girl leading is trying to chase down your team mate, and shes trying to get you to pull through and all you have to say is "nope! it's my team mate!", and let her do all the work. Sukka!  I knew the sprint would be chaos like in the Lotto Belisol Tour - so I tried desperately to get on a good wheel.  I managed to do so - but again -the sprint starts before a km to go so you have to sort of pick 3 good wheels to jump to...  I ended up 9th - and my goal was top 10 so I am pretty happy about that.  It is definitely a skill that you need to be over here to pick up - and I havn't got it quite down yet.  The rest of the girls finished strong of course ;), with Annie giving the last dig before the bunch sprint.  We may not have got on the podium but everyone couldn't stop talking about how much fun the race was, and how happy we were of our effort - so the podium spot wasn't even needed to have a successful/awesome day :)

A night out in Leuven - I am clearly lacking in the duck face capabilities...
Tonight I am sure we will get our fill of awful Rom/Coms and candy - a final rest before our adventure to Nice, France where we will be competing in the Jeux de Francophonie.

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