Monday, June 9, 2014

GP Gatineau - Racing at Home! :)

I havn't been keeping up to date with my race reports - but I just had to write about this one, because this is a race I am most passionate about.  The GP Gatineau happened last weekend, and I love love love this race because it's in my home town :) well...close enough :)
TRT girls with Jamie at the team presentation for Gatineau

I raced this race the first year it happened in the first year I started road racing again. It was what sparked the fire under me - and I think it has done the same thing again :)

I got to spend some time with my mom, my Cat (who is now super grumpy and I think forgets who I am!), and to quickly see some old friends.  I would have given anything to stay a few days to meet some new babies and visit The Cyclery - but a girls gotta work!  

Lucky the weather figured out it's cycle and we got to race in 27 degrees and Sunny :)  Gatineau is a fairly long race (for me at least), at 121.8 km, and with it being so hot - I was pretty nervous about getting super dehydrated and not being able to race to my ability.  I have lucky had some amazing help with race prep from my sports psych Alex, and with a well thought out plan in place - I actually felt really good for most of the race!  I use an exclamation mark because lately my legs aren't seeming to do what my head is telling them to do.  So I'm really excited that things are moving in the right direction.

Me, Tessa and Leah at a beautiful coffee shop in Gatineau
The race was sketchy, fast, and so much fun.  The bad news for me was, half way through I ended up running into a girl who had crashed right in front of me, landed on my head and thought my race was over.  I was so upset because I feeling good and feeling confident.  As I was putting my bike back together after the crash (somehow the wheels came off!?), Tessa - the nicest team mate ever, had stopped to check if I was ok.  I wish she had kept going to stay with the pack, but she ended up riding with me to get on the back of the caravan of cars, and after a huge effort we made it back into the pack.  I am so happy that Tessa helped motivate me to keep going - because we were told "if you get a flat in this race you are out - there's no way you will catch back on", and thats literally what I was thinking when I was on the floor.  So in all honesty, overcoming an obstacle like that was a huge deal for me - and showed me that it's OK if things go wrong, because you always have another chance to start over. 

After that I was pretty shaken up.  I had a concussion that took me out of racing for a year 2 years ago - so I am very cautious when I hit my head.  I wasn't my aggressive self, and I wasn't putting myself in the right positions to do much about my result in the race.  I finished in the bunch with 22nd place, and I know that next time, even if I crash, get a flat or get hit by a meteor, I will just push the restart button and get back at it.

Dad takes me moto pacing to get ready for racing - the best!
That evening TRT went down to Ottawa's Byward Market.  We did some summer shopping, had some burgers, and also managed to get some awesome gelato and milk shakes.  It was pretty much like we were on vacation....except we were absolutely cooked from the race haha.
A few of the ladies racing in the GP Gatineau. TRT front and centre!

On Wednesday we leave for Banff Bike Fest - 5 races in 4 days :)  I'm super excited with how my form is coming, and I am really looking forward to doing whatever it takes to get TRT to the top!

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