Friday, October 2, 2015

Summer track racing

I guess it was the sunshine that kept me from updating my blog - so I honestly don't feel that guilty haha.  It's really when I get a snarkey email (in the best way possible) from my Aunty overseas do I realize that they have no clue what I'm up to and I better confirm I'm still alive.

After the road season came to a quick halt - I buckled up my Bonts and hit the track as quickly as I could.  It's by far my favorite type of cycling, and I honestly can't wait to do it every year.  It's hard to explain - but I never dread riding my track bike...and there are certainly days I dread on the road bike.

My first set of races were the UCI Marrymoor GP.  let me rephrase - my first time on the track bike in a year was the UCI Omnium down in Redmond Washington.  Commonwealth Games had just come to a close so a few of the medal winners from there graced us with their entry.  And in all honesty- I am really happy they did.  It was an eye opener for sure - my individual events lacked a little bit of planning - however being able to race with them in the bunch races made up it (as per usj).  So to put it softly I didn't perform very well - but it definitely kicked my butt in gear.

Some may also describe me as a little scatter brained.  I may or may not had forgotten my glasses, front skewer for my race wheel and gloves.  I also may or may not have been riding a brand new bike (love my new Planet X!) and the seat post may or may not have slipped completely to the bottom of the frame during several events causing me to pull out of the points race thinking I would get a free lap like in crit racing to fix it.  I now know this is not the case...and unless you crash - you get no freebies.  I'll put that one in the knowledge bank, and tighten my seat post bolts.

I later went back down to Marymoor for the North West Track Championships, otherwise known as Fred's Race a few weeks later - bike fixed - skewer found - and quite a bit more comfortable spinning at 120+rpm. I was fortunate enough to take home the win in the individual pursuit, points race and the keirin as well as a 3rd place in the Scratch.  The field wasn't as decorated - but the girls down there are feisty and ready to bring it - which I absolutely love.  I'll have to say my favorite part of the weekend was all the new friends I made - and how welcoming Redmond (and the Williams!) were to us Canadians.

I was really thankful for that weekend.  I haven't had many opportunities to ride for myself in the past, and confidence is definitely something I am lacking.  It's strange how crossing the finish line only an inch in front of someone else makes you feel like the Queen of the Castle - but I'll take that small injection of happiness any chance I get...and with each hit...I want more...

The next race up for me was BC track provincials.  I had a jersey to defend, and after tasting victory only a few weekends prior, I was pretty confident I could battle for the win again.  Except - the night before racing started they cancelled the whole event due to...RAIN - I mean come on!  I was already over on the island where the race was supposed to take place, rested and ready to go - and then nothing.  I was pretty disappointed - but everyone was in the same boat so there wasn't too much to complain about...except the rain haha.  A few days later they decided to hold it the next weekend - giving us only a couple days notice.  And by that time I was sick and stressed.  I decided last minute I would make the trek over to the island again.  I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I didn't at least try to keep the jersey.  I ended up coming 2nd, after making a few HUGE mistakes and almost going home half way through the omnium.  I was upset I didn't win, but after spending the evening getting pep talks and ego boosts from my team mate Suzanne, I learned more that weekend then I ever would if it had gone smooth sailing.  She also made me Lasagna - that definitely helped :).

This weekend I will be on my way to Nationals. They are back in Onterrible (but actually Ont-awesome because I get to see all my friends again!), at the new velodrome they build for the Pan Am games.  There are 5 TRT racers going plus Team manager/sponsor/track guru Chris Willburg - which I am super excited about - so hopefully we can all rally together and put on a good show - who am I kidding - I know we will :)


  1. Keep it coming coneymaroney, I love this blog! :)

  2. Keep it coming coneymaroney, I love this blog! :)